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So I decided to stop being lazy and finally join in and try to do a successful promo because I love all my followers so so much and it should be fun because it is super duper!!(:


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I’ll pick around 5 blogs for each, depending on the notes. Must reach at least 40 notes so i can choose or the post will just disappear. Reblogs only likes don’t count and you must be following me please guys you know how it works. You have until Sunday when i choose the winners. Good luck and thank you so much for following me ily! :) 

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Pierce the Veil // Bulls in the Bronx.

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That street art life though.

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1/7 » Yeah Boy And Doll Face (2007) 

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angry and quite offended that you don’t have a crush on me

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I get progressively uglier throughout the day

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Rock Sound Interview [x]

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cute boys with girlfriends ruin everything

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if a girl is mean to you just tell her she has bad eyebrows 

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everyday is a bad hair day for me

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